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  • Email Marketing
  • Logos & Branding Packages
  • Advertising
  • Websites & Mobile Design
  • Social Media
  • Events & Shows
  • Catalogs & Manuals
  • Publications & Magazines

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Connie Coates - Relevant Content

  • Responsive Site Design
  • Social Sites
  • Ecommerce
  • Images & Content
  • Email –
    • Message Design
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Promotions
    • List Management
    • Digital Signatures
    • & Much More!
  • Images & Content
  • Billboards & Signage


Connie Coates - Effective Graphics

  • Advertising Products
  • Identity Materials
  • Corporate / In-house Communication
  • Educational Tools
  • Events & Show Displays
  • Promotional & Advertising Products
  • & Much More!


Connie Coates - Marketing Synergy

Effective marketing is consistent branding and messaging across all touch points. Affordable marketing is effective use and placement of messaging.

Let me help you reach your marketing and project goals.



Connie Coates - Small Business Services

Small businesses typically face the challenges of limited resources in time and personnel. Outsourcing is an affordable method to reach marketing and branding goals.

  • Helping develop branding and marketing goals.
  • Managing projects as needed to reduce diversions from ongoing operational responsibilities.
  • Maximizing limited budgetary constraints.


Connie Coates - Marketing Support

Executives and Department Managers deal with the ebb and flow of seasonal marketing, industry marketing and budget constraints.

Providing support to internal department demands.


Connie Coates - Creative Agencies Support

Many creative services require substantial expense in equipment, materials and labor. Staffing for graphics can be difficult to maintain. Contact me for support services.

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Connie Coates - Email Marketing

Email has been a bit overshadowed by it’s flashier, younger cousins in social media. But, it still remains as one of the most effective and economical marketing tools available. Why? Email allows your business to “knock on your customer’s door” instead of waiting to be found. But like all good marketing, a little planning and attention to detail is required.


  • Build one or more email lists constantly.
  • Send information to your customers on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Only send emails with relevant content that benefits the recipient.
  • Make sure the email “speaks” to the customer in a manner they respond to while portraying your brand in the most professional manner possible.
  • If applicable, segment your campaigns to be most effective in select customer groups.
  • “Prove” your business to prospective customers by providing email content early and often.

Beware of robo-emails.
Automated emails to welcome new subscribers or to suggest visiting an abandoned cart are extremely useful. But, many companies are now trying to automate promotional and marketing emails driven purely by data and stats.

However, to generate truly personalized automated customer recommendations for automated email requires a deeply integrated website to supply customer habits and information on site. Many businesses do not find this a viable option. Others simply don’t seem to be using it correctly. The result is overly generic and impersonal communications. Customer fatigue and apathy can quickly set in, making them a prime target for your competition.

If you are new to email marketing, your program needs to be improved a bit, or you are looking for a turnkey solution to this aspect of your marketing contact me today.


Connie Coates - Promotions & Events

Fun promotions can drive sales by engaging customer participation. Promotions are also a great way to gain traction in social media.


Promotions should be:

  • Branded to provide continued awareness.
  • Have great value to the recipient while minimizing costs for your business.
  • Be easily duplicated or replaced if necessary.
  • Require little or no ongoing maintenance – unless that is the goal of your promotion.
  • Have little or no liability exposure for your business.

The best promotional incentives stay relevant to your business and your brand.

There are many types of events for businesses to participate in. But here are two universal concepts:


  1. Interact with your potential clients in an environment they are interested in or greatly enjoy. Your audience will be less defensive, more receptive and your job will be easier.
  2. Always aim to make a great first impression. Use the opportunity to distinguish your business from your competition.

Also, realize working with one customer may create an “event”. For example, one of my clients is a caterer and creates delicious buffets for events. Upon consultation, I developed professionally branded, write-in menu cards to add to the dishes on their buffet line. Now all guests are not only seeing the name of each dish as they make their way down the line, but the catering company (and, contact info) each and every time as well.

Contact me to schedule a marketing consultation today.


Connie Coates - Websites & Ecommerce

Every business needs a website designed to:

  • Reinforce business identity, branding and position in the market.
  • Validate the authenticity of the business.
  • Impress, excite, educate and motivate potential customers.
  • Support customers with information and service.
  • Meet legal obligations required by some industries.
  • Fit the expectations of the customer with proper organization, design elements and copy.

Just like other types of marketing, websites need to be considered from, at least, two perspectives:


  • What the business needs to say.
  • What the customer wants to see.

Sometimes, it is hard for an executive, or a business owner, to step back and consider their website from the other side of the desk. The result is often a site that is too self-serving or too bland to motivate because your customer is always looking at “what’s in it for me?

Today’s customer is looking for a well-designed, user-friendly experience on their mobile devices. Another common problem is an outdated website:

  • Content that is dated and too old.
  • Content that is missing.
  • Sites not optimized for mobile viewing and interaction.
  • Outdated layouts and graphics.
  • Missing site security (which can prompt browser warnings and drive visitors away) and compliance strategies.

 What does your website say about your business? If it’s time to make upgrades, contact me.   


Connie Coates - Social Media

Some type of social media is great for almost all businesses. Joining in the right environment can build customer confidence and introduce your business to new prospects. But just like anything “social”, your business needs to:

  • Be in the right group or environment.
  • Look for an environment that participants will be receptive to your business.
  • Separate “personal” and “business” posts, pages, tweets, comments, uploads, etc.
  • Watch how you behave to avoid backlash and branding bruises.

Remember, “Location – Location – Location” is the key. Choose wisely.

Of course, then you have to develop relationships.


(Yes, you have to work at it here just like in the non-virtual world.) Some businesses have a similar mind-set as mentioned in using robo-emails, many businesses are not recognizing the human recipient behind the virtual interface. The best social businesses:

  • Create branded content that is of use and interest to the recipients.
  • Share information that is factual and dependable.
  • Don’t spend a disproportional amount of time virtually bragging about their business.
  • Find symbiotic businesses to promote each other’s brand and share between their groups.
  • Don’t use a social media page as a website.

Need help planning, organizing and implementing? Call me today to get started.


Everything with your business name on it should be a reflection of your brand. Don’t run a sale or announce a new service and simply add your logo / contact info to the end. Create a great impression on your audience every single time.

Branding involves a consistent plan to control the style, content, language, music and images of your promotional and identity materials. Brands do evolve over time, but it should never happen by accident.


Websites and Social Pages are two entirely different things.

Websites substantiate your business and brand as “real”. Many potential customers research and shop virtually online. A missing website implies a business that may be too small, is not professional – or, even shady. A properly branded website creates trust, serves as a repository of customer need-to-knows and is the home of the business blog.

Social media pages allow your business and brand to be “engaged”. Social media pages allow your business branding to become conversational and respond to customers. You can share links to your blog, create affordable advertising, run promotions and so much more.

If you need help refining your online business identity and solutions to SEO, please contact me today.


About Me…

Connie Coates

Connie Coates

branding | graphics | marketing | design | consultation
Typically, my clients desire far more than basic graphic layouts. Working together we brainstorm, devise strategies and find solutions. My focus is on their success and providing support to accomplish their marketing goals.

I am a translator. I communicate my client’s message in a manner their audience can receive and understand.

Commercial art design is more than a creative process or a right-brain skill. It is a solution to a marketing problem with tangible factors. Elements, content, colors, scale, placement, etc. should have a definable purpose.

Commercial art is a necessary function of business operations. It has a purpose, a goal and ultimately should create a return on investment.

  • Currently - Marketing & Design Manager, Advertising & Promotions - Remote Position | Virtual Employee

    National, automotive tool ecommerce site.

    Customer Interface & Aesthetics; Promotional Graphics, Scheduling & Implementation; Inventory Visuals & Product Information Upgrades; Layout Code Edits & Designs

    Email Marketing:
    Graphic Design & Promotional Art; HTML & CSS Layout; Constant Contact, MailChimp & Listrak; List Maintenance; List Segmentations & Splits; Subscription Points Management.; Distribution Scheduling.

    Commercial Art:
    All Marketing Graphics – Website, Ecommerce, Email, Retargeting Banners, Print.

    Social Media:
    Sole Management of Social Posts & Comments; Facebook Ads including Facebook Business Manager & Targeted Lists; Supporting Graphics.

  • Currently - Commercial Art: Graphic Design • Digital Design • Ecommerce • Email Marketing - Contract Services

    Self-employed providing commercial marketing and art services.

    Industry Knowledge:
    (includes, but not limited to) Brand Development, Brand Management, Advertising, Marketing, Online Marketing, Ecommerce, Web Design, Web Services, Web Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Banners, Email Marketing, Email Segmentation, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Project Management, Strategic Communications, Magazines, Direct Mail, Facebook Business Manager, other Social Media platforms.

    Tools & Technologies:
    (includes, but not limited to) HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and other Office programs.

  • Vice President of Operations

    Recruited as the Director of Graphics, I was promoted to Vice President of Operations within 12 months at a regional, shared mail corporation.

    Vice President of Operations:
    Executive management of all personnel & departments | Second in-command to the CEO
    • Revised & structured internal SOP for maximum efficiency.
    • Supervised & trained supervisors from all departments.
    • Sales personnel training and collateral.
    • Graphics personnel recruitment and training.
    • Developed policy & procedure standards to meet profit & legal compliance goals.
    • Recipient: 2002 NMI President’s Award

    Director of Graphics & Support
    Expansion and Integration of Graphics Department. Supervised upgrade on computer resources and networking abilities.
    • Engineered operational structure integrating workflow between all departments.
    • Developed job descriptions, performance reviews, pay scales, technology & network, & waste management review.
    • Instituted Work Team processes resulting in improved communications & job flow turn-around time.

  • Trainer & Manager

    • Graphics
    • Outside Sales
    • Software Installation & Execution
  • Connie Coates, Inc.

    Turnkey marketing, graphics, layout & publishing.
    • Began as a “spare bedroom” business.
    • Produced turnkey specialty magazines for clients including a publication targeting senior healthcare issues & an international trade publication for an automobile aftermarket industry.
    • Organic growth resulted in employing staff for graphics, data entry & office personnel.
    • Recruited by National Mail-It, Inc.

  • Miscellaneous

    One of the more challenging projects: Design & Construction of all costumes for a theatrical production!

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